Products and Services


By definition a door/window is an opening in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is closed mostly by aluminium sashes containing glass and capable of being opened and shut. In Tsivikos Αluminium we offer you an exceptional wide range of doors/windows designs in order to meet your individual needs and requirements.

  • Sliding, Hinged, Pivot, Folding.
  • Thermal, Super Thermal, Sound, Fire and bullet proof.
  • Round, arched and curved windows/doors.
  • Variety of colors.
  • High-tech mechanisms, accessories and fittings.
  • Minimal profiles for less visible frames.
  • Aesthetic quality design.

Curtain Walls

Is the external covering of single or multi store buildings using aluminium frames and glass panes. It is an advance, modern and cost effective way architectures use to cover up modern buildings. In Tsivikos Αluminium we offer a great line of curtain wall facade systems in order to meet individuals’ criteria.

  • Limited or no aluminium visibility from the outside.
  • Installation of windows to any pane.
  • Thermal, visual and acoustic comfort.
  • Air, wind and water resistance certifications.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Plenty of design options.

Entrance Door

Probably the most aesthetic part of a house. It’s the first impression that guests receive before entering a house/company. In Tsivikos Aluminium we give you a plethora of choices to admit your personal preference.

  • Hinged, Sliding or Pivoting.
  • Single or Double hinged.
  • Visible or disguised.
  • Modern or Traditional.
  • Choice of contrast between the two sides.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Selection of Panel, Composite panel, Glass or Wood.
  • Thermal, Security and high-tech design options.

Railing Systems

Railings add safety and style to your balcony, your internal staircase or even your fence. In Tsivikos Aluminium we have a full range of railing and fencing systems to accommodate every house needs and budgets.

  • Big selection of aluminium, glass, PVC, cast iron or stainless steel systems.
  • Assorted Gates (hinged or sliding).
  • Multiple standard or customize designs.
  • Great resistance to time and weather conditions.

External Shutters

Are used to protect the window/door surface from sunlight, rain, wind and burglary attempts. In Tsivikos Aluminium we have a big portfolio of systems with countless design and functional possibilities.

  • Built – on, built – in or integrated roller shutters.
  • Manual or electrical operation.
  • Thermal, sound, wind and light insulation.
  • Louver series with option of fixed or moveable shutters.
  • Sliding, hinged or rolling.
  • Security shutters for houses and shop fronts.
  • Garage doors.


Insect screens help you keep your house safe from pests and enjoy an environmentally friendly way of living. In Tsivikos Aluminium we provide you with different options of nets that will keep you safe from insects.

  • Made to measure fly screens.
  • Fixed, sliding, hinged, rolling.
  • Manual or electrical operation.
  • Variety of colours.

Shower Doors and Glass Partitions

Modern and luxury enclosures that will suit your individual needs and define your personal space. In Tsivikos Aluminium we offer you top-quality solutions from an extensive variety of designs for framed, semi-framed and frameless partitions and doors.

  • Structural or semi-structural versions.
  • Custom size shower doors and bath cabinets.
  • Option for complex construction.
  • Option for adjustable blinds in-between the glass.
  • Decorative glass options (vitro-strained, sandblasting, fusing and digital printing).


Living in a sun-island - pergolas is a must for every house. Having the ability to control weather conditions offer great comfort and luxury. In Tsivikos Aluminium through the years we worked-out many solutions for our customers and developed a great portfolio of design ideas of how to cover up your patio. We can offer you solutions using both aluminium and cast iron to meet your needs. For the roof, the options are many; someone can choose from aluminium louvers, glass, tiles, polycarbonate sheets, canvas and many more.

  • Option for fix or open roof.
  • High durable materials.
  • Professional solutions for crowd places (i.e. café’s).
  • Aluminium Pergola with able to open roof is considered as a non-covered area.
  • Modern designs.
  • Plethora of roof options.

Aluminium Composite Panels

Are double layers of slim aluminium sheets bonded to low density polyethylene. ACP is mostly used for architectural building shell either internally or externally. In Tsivikos Aluminium we can offer you ACP’s in any form of cladding through a complete fixing system that it consists entirely from aluminium.

  • Ideal for modern buildings/houses units.
  • Signage, partitions and like a false ceiling.
  • Light weight, durable, flexible and cost effective.
  • Thermal, sound, fire and weather resistance.
  • Variety of shapes and colors.
  • Low maintenance.